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Frequently asked questions

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We support any labeling tasks that you can imagine. We handle simple
projects like conversational categorization or image classification, but
we also have the capacity to undertake complex tasks that require
expert knowledge. For instance, pulmonary fibrosis diagnosis via
X-ray imaging—something that requires labelers with medical

Our labeling teams are all native English speakers. This means
your labeling projects are handled by native-level speakers with their
own specializations—a no-brainer requirement for projects that vary in
industry coverage and complexity.

Unlike other labeling companies, we do not outsource our people.
Our labelers are in-house and have domain-specific expertise. For
example, if you have healthcare-related labeling projects, the labelers
for the project would most likely be from the healthcare industry as
well—perhaps a medical student, a general practitioner, or a specialist.
It all depends on the project’s requirements and complexity.

We started as a localization company, which is why we have decades of
experience in managing worldwide teams and industry-specific resources—all
in over 80 different languages. We know how and when to apply our
project management expertise, industry-specific domain knowledge,
and stringent quality assurance procedures to create a service that is
tailored to our client’s specific needs.

Yes. We provide an elite data labeling workforce well-versed in several
languages. We know how difficult it is to source a large pool of
high-quality labelers with the skills needed for particular tasks.
So unlike other data labeling companies, we don’t outsource our
workforce—we fully manage it ourselves, which means higher
quality and lower costs.

Yes. Our teams believe that quality labeling output is of utmost
importance. Quality controls such as outlier detections, dedicated
quality assurance teams, and project managers serve as pillars that
help us deliver results that surpass expectations.

Yes. Our business model enables organizations to custom-build
their own teams that work exclusively on their projects. 

Yes. Our labelers serve as an extension of your team. We encourage
a strong, highly collaborative relationship between our people and
our clients.


What our clients say

Very satisfied with Elite’s data annotation work. They lightened the load for me and my team, and they were highly responsive and prompt with project deliverables. Their in-house annotation team was also pleasant to work with, and had the right knowledge we required. Couldn’t ask for a better partner for our business.