Increasing your ranking organically in the Search Engine platform Google is indeed one of the challenging tasks you would encounter in launching your company online. According to WorldwideWebSize there are around 2.23 billion websites created and indexed all over the world. With this, how would you increase your ranking organically and compete with billions of websites without paying for Pay-per-click ads?

We have listed 3 tips you could consider to use if you want to increase your website ranking in a specific keyword search, organically

  1. Choose your relevant keywords and focus on them – Keyword Marketing 

    One of the strategies high ranking websites use is Keyword Marketing. What is keyword marketing? Keyword Marketing is utilizing SPECIFIC keywords to OPTIMIZE your search presence in your desired industry. Let’s say you want to rank in the keywords “Flower Shops in San Francisco”, then you would want to USE these KEYWORDS, GENEROUSLY. From Content Creation to Content Tagging and even Pay-per-click advertising, you will only use the KEYWORDS specific to your target market. Now, as you are reading this post, pause and assess your current keyword usage. Focus on a few major keywords your company would want to rank on. Once you have identified the keywords, reinforce these keywords by using them daily on your social media posts, blog contents and even company websites, eventually Google will acknowledge these keywords and would rank your site for this specific search

  2. Create Content – Content MarketingThe secret to increasing your rank in Google is to generate as much content to your website. Don’t be afraid to create more content (Texts, Videos, Photos or Info graphics). By doing this, you will be increasing the number of times your web pages will be indexed by Google for that specific keyword. Aside from this, creating content also establishes your company’s online profile as a THOUGHT LEADER in the specific industry you are in. Write consistently and make sure you are producing high quality copy every time you publish an article online.
  3. Establish your presence across platforms -Social Media & Community Marketing Now that you have created your content, and established your specific keyword in the platform, it is time to create engagements and boost your website impressions. The best platforms for engagements and brand interaction are major social media platforms. In 2017 alone, Facebook and Instagram listed around 23 billion combined users actively interacting in the platform, sharing and re-posting a wide variety of content Which makes it impossible for your product or company NOT to have a single share or re-blog on these platforms.

    To generate impressions, you need to share your company’s contents on social media to generate engagements and conversions organically To add to this, Social Media posts also appear on Google once you research a product or a name on the Search Engine

    So the next time you are planning to increase your website ranking, remember to (1) Choose your relevant keywords and focus on them, (2) Create Quality Content & (3) Establish your presence across platforms.