Run your business with agility and cost-efficiency
through EWG’s SmartScaling Solution

Scale up or down depending on
operational & industry demands

Starting a bona fide business is only half the battle. We offer an extra helping hand in running your venture, aided by highly qualified professionals that match your needs

To stay ahead of the curve, businesses must look into innovative, cost-effective techniques such as securing access to a skilled and dedicated global workforce. And at EWG, we look forward to contributing to your growth in an ever-changing industry landscape.

Our scaling and offshoring portfolio includes:

  • 1

    Reimbursement Services. We provide meticulous oversight for reimbursement approval and refusal activities, all at scale to ensure consistent, transparent, and accurate outcomes

  • 2

    Accounting and Bookkeeping. We offer a broad range of professional accounting services, including business set-up support, account migration and translation, business process outsourcing (BPO), and GAAP conversion

  • 3

    Human Resources and Payroll. We will boost your organizational efficiency through our portfolio of international payroll-specific project management and general account management services.

  • 4

    Other Managed Services. We will aid you in all your specialized requirements—be it marketing, social media management, project management, web development, or simple virtual assistant (VA) tasks

Contact us today for highly specialized, collaborative scaling support tailor-fitted for your business’s growth trajectory.

  • Top-Notch People: Our outstanding experts are the key reason we are able to deliver exceptional results consistently. They care about you because we care about them.

  • Collaborative: Our fanatical approach to collaboration ensures that we are fully engaged with you behind the scenes. Collaboration is embedded in our DNA—we are proactive at delivering customized solutions that complement your business goals.

  • Cost-Efficient: Our flexible pricing, combined with our decades of experience in HR management, guarantee that our scaling support meets your standards for cost-efficiency and high performance. With skilled Filipino talent, you can be sure that lower cost does not equal lower quality

Unmatched support for your scaling needs.

A different approach to offshoring—one that focuses on human skill, cost efficiency, and end-to-end collaboration.


Other services we offer

Data Preparation and Annotation

Make sense of your data and create usable products through EWG’s data preparation solutions