Data Preparation and Annotation

Data Preparation and Annotation

Make sense of your data and create usable products
through EWG’s data preparation solutions

Data is at the heart of what we do

We combine decades of data management and expertise with well-trained human resources to help create tomorrow’s products, today.

High-quality data is the secret to all successful AI projects. And when it comes to data delivery and preparation, speed and scale are simply not enough. To build the next generation of world-class AI products, data must remain human-centric, real-world-flexible, and culturally nuanced.

Our specializations include:

  • 1

    Language Models. We evaluate and refine language models through reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF).

  • 2

    Sentiment Analysis. We decipher emotional opinion from natural conversations to generate accurate actionable insights on user sentiment

  • 3

    Search Evaluation. We apply the latest labelling techniques and conduct in-depth analyses to help elevate search results and improve user engagement.

  • 4

    Image Annotation. We conduct meticulous data-tagging to train computer vision models in recognizing visual data with greater accuracy.

  • 5

    Content Moderation. We help keep online communities safe by eliminating harmful content such as hate speech, spam, misinformation, and other inappropriate content

Let us help you leverage text, audio, image, and video data to deliver insights that drive innovation and propel your business forward. Contact us now to know how we handle data with utmost precision and compliance with your project requirements.

  • Quality Labeling: Our quality assurance processes like spot checking and in-house quality check systems are done by humans, building on our our decades of expertise in localization.

  • Custom Solutions: Our team brings the flexibility needed to adopt third-party solutions into various scenarios, all while ensuring consistent results.

  • People: Our people are highly experienced and trained specifically to work on AI-oriented tasks. We strongly believe that efficient AI products start with the irreplaceable skill that only humans bring to the table

Let your data generate new perspectives.

Robust yet flexible data solutions for your business’s AI strategy, proven to deliver game-changing results


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